Human Liberation

Liberate Your Mind. 
Thrive in Your Life and Career.

We help people come alive by permanently and quickly removing their core negative beliefs.

Do you struggle to move forward in your job hunt or career?

You know what to do, but you keep putting it off.
You feel anxious about reaching out to make new connections.
Deep down you feel scared about pitching your dream company.

Do you struggle with negative self-talk? 

You hesitate and doubt your decisions.
You “play it safe” and stick to the familiar
You worry about money.

Reclaim your Self-Worth

Your value in your career is separate from your self-worth. Unhook deep rooted beliefs, and end the tireless hustle to prove that you matter.

End Resistance

What if instead of forcing yourself to do your work, and “conquer your resistance,” you could simply remove the resistance in the first place?

Go After What You Want

In school you learned to follow the rules and ask permission to do anything you wanted. What if you let that all go and freed yourself to live your life without anyone’s permission?

Human Liberation will eliminate root cause mental blocks, so you can unleash your buried treasure.  

Your birthright is to discover and do what makes you come alive. That means liberating your mind from the conditioning of our culture.

Meet Joel, CEO of Career Hackers

I’m on a mission to support people to become whole, curious, creative and empowered to live a life that makes them come alive.

I’ve worked in schools, where most of us spend 12+ years and 15,000 hours of our formative years. I’ve seen that damage that is done through the fabric of the system. We learn to avoid failure, follow the rules, deny our emotions, and wait for permission to do what we truly want.

In addition to many elements of our culture, school is a major place where our negative core beliefs about ourselves are formed.

But when we go to these root beliefs and “deschool” ourselves, we can unleash possibility and potential in our life and career.

I’ve seen it for myself.

For years I had issues with self-worth, work-ethic, money, relationships, success, failure, the list goes on.

But I’ve learned a revolutionary way to remove them, fast, and forever.

I’m now a whole new person.

I’d be honored to guide you in your own liberation.

“It’s amazing how much good work can be done in just 55 minutes. Taking that time was a big game changer for me in turning the corner towards taking action in my career goals. Joel’s great! Highly recommend!”


Marketing Professional

“Joel’s facilitation consistently changes me and my life in the best ways possible…. It’s not just coaching, but Joel actually has the ability to solve the core internal issues in my mind and emotions, so that there is a permanent shift. I can’t recommend him enough. :)”

Jackson Sullivan

Founder, The Gift

“….eliminating some of those limiting beliefs that I had about myself, I’m happy to say that I had some interviews in the days after our call, and I definitely felt more comfortable in the interviews because of the things we talked about!”


Project Manager